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Human Resources

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Talent concept

The company has been adhering to the "warm, practical, persistence,momentum, the eternal" idea of employing people, believe that first-class talent enterprise class achievements.

Human resources

High electronics sales network all over the country, the company is located in the beautiful Hangzhou, the company has office automation, production building more than ten thousand square, excellent management andtechnology research and development has the product design, production,sales and service required, the company advocates "innovation, beyond the self" spirit of enterprise. Welcome you to join!

Happiness is very high

Generous incentives

Very competitive salary

According to the operating conditions of the company and individual performance bonuses paid years

The bonus and allowance

Improve the labor system

For social insurance for the employees (pension, medical, unemployment,work injury, maternity, housing provident fund)

Humanized system of annual vacation

High quality working environment

Provide meals and accommodation conditions superior

Perfect living facilities table tennis, running, badminton, reading room,activity room, etc.

Employee birthday gifts, holiday gifts, wedding and funeral benefits

Colorful leisure activities

Regularly organize employee travel, physical examination, dinner

Regularly held various arts, sports activities

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