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BMW Will Vigorously Develop Electric Vehicle and Cover the Whole System in Future

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2015-02-06      Views:579

According to the overseas media news, to meet the increasingly stringent EU emission standards in future, BMW is taking decisive action, vigorously develop electric vehicles.

It is reported, BMW's plan is taking the engine for future as a charging device, instead of the main drive system, so need more large capacity battery and lightweight body? In order to further reduce the weight, there will be more use of lightweight steel and aluminum alloy in the product, while the carbon fiber will naturally uses a lot?

In the processing of power system, mainly by the motor provides the power, and the gasoline or diesel engine only used as a generator in most cases, and when the speed more than about 80km/h, the engine will assist motor directly to provide power? It is reported that this system has strong expansibility, coming from 3 to Rolls-Royce will be equipped with this kind of power system?

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