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The Development of New Energy is the Best Path to Walk Out of "Under the Dome"

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Documentary"under the dome"that directed by former CCTV host Jing Chai is popular in the country, despite the subject talked is the haze, but it reflects the fact: it's combustion of fossil fuel that promoting the high-speed development of our country economy. May we can see the severity of the problem start from China's power generation quantity and various forms of generation proportion.

In fact, China has catch up with and surpass American become the biggest country that has the maximum power output, the total installed capacity reached 1350000000 kilowatts (USA ranked second, 930000000 kW), of which, 915000000 kilowatts of thermal power, 300000000 kilowatts of hydropower, 95000000 kilowatts of wind power, nuclear power 20000000 kW, 20000000 kW of others energy. Visible, thermal power generation that rely on fossil fuel accounted for 68%, it is an urgent problem to be solved. Combustion of fossil fuel will produce a lot of dust pollution, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and various small suspended substance, including the direct generation of PM2.5, as well as PM2.5 particles that produced by secondary sulfur dioxide and other chemical substances.

The rapid development of economy is based on the such energy structure, how can have fresh air and comfortable living environment? We returned to the Jing Chai video to have a specific look?

What is the fog and haze? It is the combination of fog and haze. fog and haze is common in the city. Many areas of China have incorporated fog into the haze as disastrous weather phenomenon having early warning and forecasting, collectively referred to as "fog and haze weather". The PM2.5 particles is an important indicator of the degree of haze. According to the survey report data of Jing Chai, average concentration value in 24 hour of PM2.5 in our country has been greatly exceeded the standard of World Health organization. Peking University professor analyses and said, there are 15 kinds of carcinogens in the measured data in Beijing, is 14 times the international standard value! In the international metropolis, can not see the factory and a chimney, but the numerical is so shocking.

Jing Chai mentioned the fact in the video: consumption of coal in China than the t`otal in other countries of the world!

The conclusion of the Jing Chai investigation showed that the amount of coal consumption in China is more than the sum of other countries in the world in 2013? China's coal and fuel exist the four major problems of "high consumption", "relatively low quality", "the lack of clean in front end ", "the lack of control in end of discharge "? To promote the development of new energy is the fundamental solution to the problem New energy comes in many forms, but the most development potential is wind energy, solar energy and nuclear energy?

Wind energy

Wind energy as a clean and renewable energy, are paid more and more attention all over the world? The aggregates is huge, the global wind energy available is 20000000000 kilowatts, bigger than 10 times in quantity of water energy development and utilization on earth? China is rich in wind energy resources, exploitable wind energy reserves is about 1000000000 kilowatts,if the wind energy completely developed, it can basically meet the current country power demand? At present, China's wind power generation is in the percent of 7%, still need to vigorously develop?

Solar energy

Solar energy is a kind of powerful energy, expect the nuclear energy, all forms of energy in the earth are directly or indirectly from the sun. Solar energy does not produce harmful gases and dust pollution, in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, it is extremely valuable. But solar energy dispersion is unstable, need the involvement of new technology to avoid this energy form defects. Solar energy is accounted for at least in China's three major new energy sources.

Nuclear energy

At present, nuclear energy used by human is form of nuclear fission, namely, nuclear fission to release energy,produce a kilogram of uranium 235 fission energy equivalent to 2500 tons of coal combustion energy. The United States is the nuclear power capacity of the largest countries, nearly 20% of all electricity; France is the largest proportion of the national nuclear power, the national generating capacity reached 80%. Although the safety of nuclear power plant accident happened in history, but overall it is still an important clean energy. With the development of new technology, the safety factor is more and more high for nuclear power station. But at present our country nuclear power accounts for the proportion is only 1.5%.

Therefore, the criticism of Jing Chai to the pollution of the environment through sensational, we should see that China's energy structure is unreasonable? To change the energy structure and the development of new energy is the only measure of haze and other environmental issues measures?

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