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The Rapid Development of China Communication Base Station Greatly Drive the Development of Lithium Battery Industry

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.      Post time:2015-04-09      Views:788

It is expected that,by the year 2015,the number of domestic communication base station will raech 3850 thousand? Among that, the number of 3G/4G base stations will reach $210 million,the proportion increased to 54?5% from that in 2012 ?

Because the communication power supply adopting uninterruptible power supply, the main function is providing communications equipment,air conditioner etc? load for safe and stable motive power in the communication operating system?In order to ensure the safety and stability of the whole system, the energy storage device has become the basic equipment of the communication system?

In the view of specific point,China's three major telecom operators had builted about $40 million base station in 2013, of which the China Mobile building has a largest number, the number of new 4G base stations more than 200000, China Unicom build 76000? In the period from 2014 to 2017, the number of new communication base station of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom is $220 million, the average is 550000 per year? The next 4 years will be "the peak of" the 4G base station construction ?

The rapid development of China's communication base station greatly drive the development of the lithium battery industry in china. In 2013, the lithium battery market scale of China Communications is $1.6 billion, the increase percent is 220%. In the future, standby power supply field of communication base station will gradually replace the lead-acid battery,it is expected in 2016,the lithium battery market scale of China Communications will reach $4 billion, representing an increase of 150% in 2013. The overall scale of Communication base station area is relatively large, but the application of lithium battery in the field is still in the initial stage. However, with the gradual rise of 4G era and the advent of new energy vehicle market, the business of BMS in this part starts transiting from single to multi. Although digital communications protection board is still the main business, electric bicycle protection board is began to develop rapidly, but the energy storage and BMS electric vehicle are the future development direction of protection board enterprise.

In fact,for the storage protection part, many enterprises are not adpoted  in the current , and most of them are still in the trial stage of the sample? Now the vast majority of communication base stations are using lead-acid batteries, although lithium battery has the highlight advantages in all aspects of life and environmental protection, but higher costs make it is difficult to replace the main body status of lead-acid batteries in the short term? However, with the continuous decrease cost of lithium batteries, the proportion of lithium batteries in the field of energy storage will gradually expand ?

Related industry data shows that, due to the performance of lithium batteries have obvious advantages, with the gradual reducing cost, the proportion of lithium batteries that used in power station will be increased to more than 30% by 2017?

The concept of domestic battery BMS is proposed  in the earliest about 2000, so far, there are only four or five years for BMS products truly entering the market? Compared with the power battery, the development of BMS apparently did not get the enough attention? The immature technology itself has become the bottleneck of restricting the development of electric vehicles in china?

According to the different specifications and requirements, the cost ofprotection plate and BMS system will probably account for about 3%-5% oftotal cost of the storage battery, the relative income is not high. In addition, complex technology has also become the main reason that BMS lithium battery enterprises tend to be given up by power core factory.

Power battery protection board is not only designed by the hardware engineering  and development, in the aspect of software also need to rely on the design scheme, so as to create stability and security of power battery for better performance. For the power battery protection board, we should care more about the technology to enhance the quality, rather than lower prices for sales. Currently has a number of companies began to transit into the field of power battery protection board. However, the industry technical threshold and channel threshold should be higher than electronic lithium battery of traditional digital consumer branding .

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