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The Purpose and Significance of Battery Monitoring System

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The implement of battery monitoring system has the following necessity:

Can effectively solve the problem of the storage battery from the procurement, storage, and put into operation until the management problems of the scrap.

"Smart battery" is the component to build a "smart grid", through the interconnection of battery information, can be effective improve the security and reliability of power network.

On the basis of accurate analysis of the battery status, using the mechanism of battery deterioration, fundamentally reduce or eliminate the the main factor of battery deterioration, effectively improve the safety and reliability of the battery operation , and greatly improve the service life of the battery.

At present, the battery is largely used as power system substation operational power supply in communication power supply, UPS room, and energy storage power station, PV power station, communication base station, electric vehicles? These batteries will consume a lot of manpower, material and financial resources from the purchase, warehouse storage,put into use, operation and maintenance, to scrap recovery?In the battery life cycle stages,there are many influencing factors for battery SOH, SOC, residual life,and there is no a clear mathematical model? It is very difficult for existing testing techniques to detect battery SOH, SOC, the residual life?These critical data is "black box" for equipment users and management, It is difficult to obtain even can not be achieved for users of current battery state data such as temperature, voltage, resistance, SOC and SOH, residual life etc? information, as well as the battery historical data such as production date, charge and discharge times and other information,resulting in potential safety problems?

On the problem of difficulty of group replacement,much wiring of the existing battery monitoring technology,installation maintenance difficulties, low battery operation reliability and short service life, battery monitoring system adopt the internet of things  and big data technology, mounted on the "brain" for each battery ,upgraded traditional battery to "smart battery", so as to realize the whole life cycle management for battery.

The "smart battery" has the following features: 

Recording function: the chip records the ID information, current status information and historical information of the battery. 

Communication interface: by the carrier communication technology and standard communication protocol achieving the interconnection of battery information. 
    Automatic detection, diagnosis and on-line maintenance function: adopting advanced battery testing technology and expert system analysing the current battery state, and automatically have the battery online maintenance, improve the safety and reliability of the battery operation, prolong the service life.      The detailed description is as follows: 

The recording function. Battery monitoring module as the "brain" of the battery. It not only recorded battery type, manufacturer, production date ID information, but also recorded the information of the current battery voltage, resistance, SOC and SOH etc. current state, and cumulative number of discharge, cumulative discharge amount of historical information. In this way, in the battery purchase, warehouse storage,put into use, operation and maintenance, to scrap recoverythe storage etc. the various links, can be very easy to read these information. Then using the big data, cloud computing technology realizing the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of the battery, significantly reduce the management cost of the battery, and take the battery management level to a new level. 

Communication interface. Using the battery body and the connection, the application of the power line carrier technology, adoping OFDM-PRIME protocol, to achieve the interconnection of battery information. 

Automatic detection, diagnosis and on-line maintenance function, using advanced AC discharge battery test technology of multi frequency point and according to the Thevenin battery model identificate the battery state parameters (such as the ohmic resistance, polarization resistance, polarization capacitance) online ,so as to determine the working state of the current battey. On this basis, can automatically maintenance the battery on-line. Under the control of the intelligent controller,automatically charging the battery when lack of SOC. When polarization resistance is too high, automatically discharge the battery ;When lack of SOH, automatically activate the battery . With the help of automatic maintenance of battery, can compensate the annual inequality of the battery self discharge.In this way, we can improve the security and reliability of the operation, and prolong the service life of the battery.

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