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Preparations for the Battery Internal Resistance Test

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There are many kinds of battery internal resistance test equipments, the most differ for them are the different kinds of batteries tested, the different of capacity and terminal voltage are.Here I will tell you preparations for the battery internal resistance test in electric power, communications and power ups battery test:

1?The test instrument is full of electricity, check the test instrument to work properly?

2.Prepare some necessary maintenance tools and guard tools, such as insulation and fastening tools.

3.Check the history of the battery tested, many units may not have this record, even it is not clear when the battery is installed into use, but you must do some homework, to make it clear.

4.Prepare some pressure-sensitive adhesive labels, conditional on type, data of internal resistance, test date,grade.

5?Record the ambient temperature with a thermometer?

6.Prepare for a record book and record the fortuitous event: actually cycle of deterioration of the battery is measured in weeks, in other words the battery performance of mutation is completed within 14 days, in terms of the characteristics, we should do a resistance detection in each week, but in power and communications industry, this work strength can't be realized, it is recommended that should do test at least every quarter, American standard maintenance is required, the minimum detection should be done in each year, for the important system, can not be allowed to happen any power units.

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