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China and the United States Electric Vehicle Standardization Will Start, National Standard May Be Published Recent

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2015-08-27      Views:242

The work of China and the United States electric vehicle standardization will start quickly recent, if start, it means that the problem of Tesla charging in the country will be a good solution?

Auto analysts said China and the United States electric vehicle standardization have been talking about for long time, but also to see the results of the two sides, but it is still very difficult to achieve unity, because it involves the negotiations between China and Germany.

In fact, as early as June 9 this year, China and the United States electric vehicle technology and standard AC had been held in Beijing, the Ministry of science and Technology Department, relevant leaders of National Standards Commission of industrial, U. S. Embassy Commercial Counsellor, President and CEO of the American national standards Institute and the Chinese and American experts etc. more than 70 persons attend the meeting.

Standards between China and the United States is different.

It is understood that, in the meeting of early June, the experts participated in have a deep exchange around the United States and China electric vehicle standards roadmap, electric vehicle extinguishing and protection and safety technology, battery systems and safety standards, charging technology and facilities construction etc.content, and reached a preliminary consensus on the future of the two countries in the field of electric vehicles charging and storage systems, infrastructure, testing and support services system and other future cooperation.

Prior to China and the United States,China and German electric vehicle charging project was officially launched in July last year, according to the cooperation agreement between the two sides, in the premise of not sacrificing vehicle functionality and safety, China and Germany's electric vehicle charging interface standard will achieve complete reunification in the future.

There are four types of charging standards for electric vehicles in the world? There are some differences between the standards of China, Europe, Japan and the United States? "The difference between the standard of charging between Germany and China is not big, the exchange is the seven core interface, but the DC is different? And the differences between China and the United States is very obvious, the United States is the five core plug, China is the seven core plug, the United States also have different charging standard and American standard is recommended standard, and there is no mandatory provisions? "

At present, the main problem is the workshop communication, especially the problem of the DC communication protocol, many foreign vehicles don't dare to adopt China's DC charging pile after they are in China , because the DC communicate directly with the car CAN, the vehicles is easy to lead to damage once be overcharged. Communication protocol refers to how the charging piles and car communicates, this is a problem, every detail must be clear, otherwise charging piles will can't charging the car , and will prompt the suspension."

National standard or may be published recent

"At present, there are many compatibility problems for DC charging piles, because each has the standard?

Currently,the revision of the national standard for charging has been basically completed and began to solicit opinions, the core lies in the new energy vehicle charging pile standardization, consistency, and models of different charging socket will be unified, at the same time, relevant guidance documents are expected to be introduced in the near future.

It is expected that August or September of this year, this standard will be published?

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