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Lin'an Butterfly Valley Stream Climbing And Hiking Activity

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2014-07-21      Views:734

In July 19th (Saturday), Gold electronic organized the Lin'an butterfly valley stream climbing and hiking activity. Everyone gathered in front of the company at seven thirty in the morning of 19th,and then we followed the guide to take bus reached the destination at about ten .

Stream climbing and hiking cost about six hours, that from ten a?m? to four p?m?? And then, all returned along the mountain path ? On the way, although the individual sections are dangerous, but we helped each other, and all of us reached the destination? In this hot summer, the Butterfly Valley bring us the stimulant, cool experience?

The Butterfly Valley is located in Lin'an ,the valley keeps more primitive, is of green hills ,clear waters,many pool,dense forest ?In recent years ,the surrounding outdoor sports enthusiasts may enter the vallely to play and be away for the summer holidays in every summer ?It has been a sacred place for leisure and playing to outdoor sports enthusiasts ?

Followings are activity pictures:

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