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The Solution of Lead-acid Battery Monitoring

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Because of the advantages of battery stability, low self discharge, sealing,economic etc. lead-acid battery rapidly replace other types of battery .The sales of VRLA battery promises the battery life is ten years,but users are surprised to find the battery will be fault in three to four years,few battery life for more than eight years,this is mainly due to battery water loss, negative plate sulfation, positive plate corrosion, thermal runaway for VRLA battery after long-time folating charge leading capacity decay.Manufacturer vigorously broadcast "free maintenance" battery and user maintenance , which make many users get a painful lesson. Today few cell users have absolute confidence on their back-up power system .

At present, most of substation battery management mainly uses the methods of regular maintenance and on-line voltage monitoring (be with DC screen ).Generally,have periodic manual resistance measurement,do a battery checking discharge for each one or a few years .

This maintenance mode mainly exist the following disadvantages:

1?The stability of voltage tester comes with DC screen is poor, often have mistaken alarm?

2.Maintain work is hug,maintainers are overburdened .

3.Only according to the voltage cannot immediately grasp the battery real-time data.

4.The data could not have systemic analysis.

5.Higher maintain risk.

In order to solve the above problem, must use the network and automatic way to realize centralized online monitoring. Establish a real-time remote intelligent battery monitoring network management system , can realize the information centralized and remote control, and provide a reliable basis for the "equipment maintenance", change "regular maintenance "to"condition-based maintenance", so as to realize the battery scientific management ,to ensure system reliability and safe operation.

This scheme can achieve the following effect:

1?Advance warning of impending failure battery , eliminate the hidden danger, ensure that the UPS system security;

2.Without the regular manual measurement of internal resistance, voltage , save manpower and material resources;

3.Instantly find charge fault, prolong battery life.

4.Through the systematic analysis on the data, accumulate different brands and models of DC equipment and batteries , as reference of selection .

5?To achieve the above purpose, according to user needs, our company has developed battery monitoring system ?

Battery monitoring system of our company is integration design, the function of voltage, resistance is designed in the case of a 2U, realize the voltage ,resistance and data processing function, through the current transformer acquisite the battery charge and discharge current. The battery monitoring module with LCD display, can query real-time data and alarm record, also can set all parameters. The module with a variety of communication interface, support the MODBUS protocol, the third party monitoring system can read real-time and historical data by sending a command, can access to the DC screen monitor machine.

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