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Features of Successful Electric Vehicle Battery Management System

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The battery management system (BMS) is the core of electric vehicles,it have influence on the safe operation of the vehicle,the vehicle control strategy selection, charging mode selection and operation cost? Not only in the running process of the vehicle or in the charging process ,the battery management system should complete the battery state monitoring and fault diagnosis reliably, and inform the vehicle integrated controller or the charger by bus, so that adopt the more reasonable control strategy ,to achieve effective and efficient use of the battery?

A successful electric vehicle battery management system  must have the following basic characteristics:

A.Perfect system function

BMS have powerful function of battery status real-time monitoring, data processing, fault analysis and fault location, SOC estimation, data transmission, thermal management, charge and discharge control, online PC monitoring, data storage, data transfer and database management etc..

B.High detection precision .

In respect of voltage detection, BMS uses the floating voltage detection structure and special double integral ATD chip, fully considering the influence of AC ripple power whgen charging, effectively solves the problem of common ground, avoiding the cumulative errors ,making the voltage detection accuracy reaches 0.5%; In respect of temperature detection, under the condition of the temperature error is in the range of ± 0.5 ℃ fully consider the temperature sensor scalability; In respect of current detection ,adopt the sensor of full range, equal precision and high precision special integrated chip, to meet the needs of current detection and energy accumulation, the current detection accuracy of 0.5%.

C?A simple interface ?

In order to facilitate the use of the user,the external output interface is simplified,BMS external connection only comprises a power line and communication line ?

D.complete auxiliary equipment .

In order to simplify the user's operation and to enhance the system visualization , battery management system design the portable fault diagnosis and data storage device,realize the diagnosis and location , greatly enhance the capacity of solving the battery failure .

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