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How to Redefine the Electric Vehicle Battery Management System

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Along with the electric power system has become complex increasingly, the function that BMS needs to execute increased, the burden should bear also is hitherto unknown. Both the simple charge controller or complex control unit ,the needs for battery management system (BMS) are growing rapidly, especially in the field of electric vehicle. In addition to the traditional charge state monitoring , BMS system also must comply with the increasingly strict safety regulations , pay attention to control standby function, thermal management and encryption algorithm that protecting OEM cell. In future, even the vehicle control unit (VCU) components and function may be associated with the BMS.In future, BMS will play an important role in the field of electric vehicles. However, the sub function of BMS often customized by OEM car factory, may varies greatly because the difference of system configuration .Therefore, they can not make a complete BMS that apply to requirements list of every electric vehicle manufacturer . However, the task scope that battery management system deals with is expanding , this fact beyond all doubt .The most common requirements of BMS including safety requirement, control and monitor function ,standby function, thermal management, encryption algorithm and reserving extensible interface to add new functions.

Safety requirements

In terms of security, the main switch plays an important role in avoiding associated with high voltage accident , it can ensure that the BMS system can make full fault reaction. When a fault occurs, the BMS module will disconnect switch in appropriate failure response time (e.g. within 10ms).Characteristics of non critical failure safety conditions usually is: if BMS micro controller (MCU) is failure, or even controller logic is in failure absolutely, external independent security components (such as window watchdog) can ensure that the main switch relay open the two high voltage contacts (positive / negative) of inverter reliably .The BMS system also integrates other safety function features, including the leakage current monitoring and the main switch relay monitoring .

Control and monitoring function:

As the chemical / battery electric algorithm becomes more and more complex, BMS is expected to possess AURIX micro controller (MCU) are of 2.5MB to 4MB flash memory and powerful multi core processor . This combination can ensure you have enough memory for all calibration parameters and provide enough computing power.

Standby function:

Electric vehicle manufacturers tend to regularly monitoing the battery packs and charge state of cell ?Therefore, the BMS must provide special low power standby function ,the function only requires minimal μ A level MCU power and can use timer to wake-up system fastly ?

Thermal management:

For design reasons, the high voltage battery module usually contains active thermal management, such as the heat booster used in winter heating and cooling system used in the summer. These can be achieved by air cooling or water cooling. In these two cases, BMS are used for sensing battery temperature data and actively execute and control radiator .AURIX microcontroller with a built-in ADC sampler and a variety of timer function, can be competent for this task.

Encryption algorithm:

In this case, because the battery may control these parameters and stores them in the safety data memorizer protected by HSM ,HSM in AURIX can effectively detect each parameter of battery.

Future work:

According to the specific electronic topological structure choosed by electric vehicle manufacturers , there are  inverter control unit of higher order driven strategy and independent vehicle control unit, VCU. At the same time have torque control system,the system also has other advanced features, such as intelligent power manager etc.. Power processor (through the navigation unit integrated) will included drive route planning ,can optimize the whole power system according to the specific route , and therefore helps to increase battery driving range.

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