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Application Example of the Battery Load Tester

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Application Example of the Battery Load Tester:

a.LCD backlight power supply etc. computer components production enterprises: they can use the battery load tester to realize its internal power supply module test and aging.

b.Switching power supply, LED power supply manufacturers: generally, battery load tester can realize DC power supply stability,load stability , output voltage adjustment ,transient characteristics etc. parameter test . (the source of multi output can be used in combination of test);

c.Adapter / charger manufacturers: it is very imporant to test the output voltage and current of the power adapter ,it will guarantee the right charging and supply of the device .Can carry out routine performance testing using the CC and CR mode, and also can test the product protection action  using OCP and SHORT etc. function . The charger adjusting time, charging time can tested by a load pull load time .

d?Locomotive source and car power test?

Power supply and storage equipment test.

Power battery and electric car test.

Test items: voltage, current, resistance, power load capacity,shock simulation and automation test when production ?

Stability analysis of the battery protection system,and resistance curve drawing.

The influence of the internal resistance of the battery capacity and the charging and discharging ,impact and simulate of large current characteristics and curve recording.

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