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The Necessity of Energy Storage Battery Management System

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.      Post time:2014-09-24      Views:773

The battery as the tool store electronicity, what usually referred to secondary cell, whether it is the lead-acid cell that have the longest usage history and most widely used, or high performance lithium that has space to develop and developped in recent ten years in China .The most afraid of are overcharge and over-discharge in use .Once over-charge, over-discharge, the battery will be damaged, capacity reducing , lifetime reducing .In severe cases, will burst and fire. Especially the lithiumion battery, deflagration phenomenon often happened, basically all caused by the battery overcharge, over discharge .Therefore, the battery in use, even if it is a battery, must have battery management, to configure the battery management system. This is the essential measures to protect the battery safety, performance and service life !

When the battery using in packs , are more prone to occur over-charge, over discharge phenomenon, its root lies in the battery consistency . Storage battery, Due to the battery manufacture and use conditions of the cell in the battery packs ,its characteristics are different .That is, the battery voltage, capacity, internal resistance and self discharge rate will be different at the different temperatures,charge and discharge rate, charge states,use process etc.. If those differences don't be controlled during the charge and discharge process ,they will further increase,resulting in a sharp decline in battery capacity and service life, happen eventually cause an accident. This is the problem which appears in the use of battery!

Therefore, in recent years, many experts and scholars both home and abroad, the majority of the battery makers and users, are vigorously carrying out to solve the consistency of the battery error caused hazards research, developed a variety of battery management system (BMS). So far, the battery management system (BMS), generally have low pressure, high and low temperature, and overcurrent circuit etc. a number of conventional protection measurement function and reserve power, there are a lot of battery management system (BMS) that have equalization function .

So far ,our company have "battery monitoring system (BMM), battery load tester(FZY), wireless battery monitoring system(WBMS), intelligent battery monitoring system (IBMS), electric vehicle battery management system (EVBMA), energy storage battery management System (ESBMS), intelligent monomer battery maintenance (activation) instrument(DWY), SBM Series(NZY)"etc . many product applied to the enterprise that electric power, communication, UPS etc. ,have many successful application case ,provide complete solution case of battery management system for user .

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