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Ensure Security and Reliability of the New Energy Battery Management System

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2012 global new energy automobile convention opened in Hainan Boao ,January 10th .The Danish lithium balance CEO Lars Barkler published an article entitled "ensure the safety and reliability of the battery in moderate yield" in the meeting named "power battery technology International Innovation Forum" on the 11th morning said, "battery management strategies must be innovative, to perform the cost effect within acceptable limits".

According to the Lars Barkler introduction, all cells are needed for a certain degree of management, in order to optimize the performance of the batteries, and the greater of the battery ,demand of management system is greater .For Li ion battery, due to its expensive price, poor safety, therefore, the management system is necessary, should matched with battery .

Lars Barkler says,the energy storage battery management system with function of protection, execution .Among them, the protection function including overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection and insulation monitoring; executive function comprises the charging algorithm of electric core equilibrium ,discharge control (energy prediction) and optimize ; management functions include the switch , or control output ,PC interface and history etc. other configuration .

At the same time, Lars Barkler lists the following fault model, such as the voltage monitoring circuit fault, poor hardware quality leads to uncertain failure, vibration or temperature (environment) leads to fault, software defects and a high-voltage bus contactor fault etc.. The key lies in the quality of the Danish lithium balance hardware, by monitoring all contactor operations and conditions, to ensure that products meet the highest quality requirements.

On the other hand, Lars Barkler said, although battery management is a key element of functional safety norms, but it will increase management costs to reach the necessary function safety specification ,and with the current development of the electric car market point of view, the current battery production is difficult to offset the cost ?

World Congress of new energy vehicle (GNEV) is initiated by the new energy vehicle information services and trading platform for the first electric network leading , since 2010 December, has been successfully held two sessions. In the past two sessions, enterprise representatives from Japan, South Korea, America, France, Britain, Germany and other countries government , discussed with hundreds Chinese representative. The theme of the 2010 Congress is "Reform strategy of green year ", the theme of the 2011 Congress is "global new energy automobile future and China", relates to the energy conservation and emission reduction ,development of public opinion and for energy saving and emission reduction, sustainable development, technology and business model innovation, government guidance and exit mechanism, the relations of public opinion and industry development etc. issues, draw rich and constructive achievements.

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