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Shanghai Chongming Demonstration Project Achieved Initial Success

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In September 29th, good news came from Bao Zhen power plant,Chongming Island sodium-sulfur energy storage station demonstration project has been completed civil construction , it marked sodium flow micro grid demonstration project as one of the "Chongming National Science and technology support program grid demonstration project group" has achieved initial success.

Sodium-sulfur battery belongs to an electrochemical device that using sodium and sulfur as the material of electrode reaction, are ideal candidates of  large energy storage battery, compared with other energy storage medium, sodium-sulfur battery is one of the energy storage way that have the biggest energy density and power density ,and also is the energy storage battery currently that can fully applicable to the power type reservoir energy and energy storage simultaneously. The energy storage technology with the sodium sulfur battery as the representativethe has the advantages of large capacity, small volume, energy storage and high efficiency, longis lack of  service life, without geographical restrictions, but also exist the disadvantages of higher battery internal operating temperature , advanced manufacturing cost , and there is lack of sodium sulfur battery energy storage system engineering application practical experience in domestic .

Chongming Island sodium sulfur battery demonstration project is having systematically study on sodium sulfur battery energy storage system operating characteristics, charge and discharge cycle operating characteristics, series parallel operation characteristics etc., using the different load characteristics of Bao Zhen having the island industrial micro network technology research in the operation condition of different inductive load and resistive load. Provide sufficient data analysis and guidance basis for future sodium flow battery characteristics, grid access system design, technology promotion, industrial development, operation management etc.. The project will support the full implementation of sodium sulfur storage system demonstration application promotion, project and research content mainly includes the sodium sulfur storage subsystem engineering integration technology, sodium sulfur storage and network system integration technology, sodium sulfur storage power station control system technology, sodium sulfur storage utility optimization of operation strategy and operation and maintenance technology.

Sodium sulfur storage project has been included in the State Grid Corporation innovation achievement cultivation plan, the demonstration effect of the project once breakthrough, will be applied in the application in the national power grid, transmission, distribution and utilization of each link of the system, has a very clear goals and promotion way.

In the city of Shanghai electric power company State Grid's leadership, from the beginning of March, Chongming power supply companies participating in the project start, the field research, scheme deciding, demonstration landing preparations. It is reported sodium-sulfur battery energy storage demonstration project will have battery comes into playing, electrical installation work in mid October after the completion of civil construction, and access to the battery test run stage in early November. , operation maintenance department of company will be responsible for the daily operation and maintenance, and cooperate with Shanghai electric sodium sulfur storage technology limited company to complete collection of battery operating parameters in various load, to accumulate basic data for the battery demonstration engineering research and practical operation of sodium sulfur storage.

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