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Using of Battery Capacity Tester

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2014-11-21      Views:335

Everyone wants a small and light battery,but also well with use,especially to ensure their normal operation at work? When calculating the battery size, many users should consider two factors: firstly,allow reserve capacity, in case of accident? Secondly, Prediction of accident activities and naturally occurring battery capacity fading with age? Equipment manufacturers usually ignore the new battery faded and basic services of load production ?

Users can accept a good performance range of 80% to 100% for the battery that have a good management,, which means that less than 80% will be replaced? Such a huge reserve is the worst, but fight for more capacity for battery users may be impractical? Battery capacity tester paly a role to check the battery regularly, to ensure that they all belong to the expected performance, battery capacity tester  plays an important role in the battery management?

The battery capacity is the measuring of battery charge storage, it is usually take ampere - hours as a unit, and determined quality through the active substances contained in the battery. The battery capacity is the maximum capacity that can be extracted in specific conditions from the battery. However, the actual energy storage capacity of the battery from the nominal rated capacity significantly changes, such as the capacity of a battery depends largely on the battery, and rechargeable battery operation method, temperature, discharge mechanism of age and medical history.

However, the battery capacity tester, can let us clearly understand the battery's physique, let we perform the maintenance ordered.

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So far ,our company have "battery monitoring system(BMS), battery load tester(FZY), wireless battery monitoring system(WBMS), intelligent battery monitoring system (IBMS), electric vehicle battery management system(EVBMA), energy storage battery management system (ESBMS), intelligent monomer battery maintenance (activation) instrument(DWY), SBM Series(NZY)"etc . many product applied to the enterprise that electric power, communication, UPS etc. ,have many successful application case ,provide complete solution case of battery management system for user .

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