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Battery Maintenance Should be Paid Attention to in Low Temperature

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Beginning of Winter is the first solar term in winter, it also represents the winter is approaching.In recent years, the minimum temperature of Zhejiang has dropped to below ten degrees, batteries are most afraid of low temperature,so must timely add battery electrolyte in the previous winter, and check the power storage conditions.

You car friends but also pay attention to checking whether the every battery connection point is loose and corrosion, also do not use the battery in the burnout situation, once has the power loss to detect in 4S store. Battery often failure in cold temperatures, so the battery maintenance should pay special attention, otherwise it may not start. At the same time, we should check to see whether you need to add distilled water, clean the battery pole column view at the same time, and to detect the battery solution proportion, use battery tester to detecte battery capacity. It's better to replace the battery which starting without energy, use time more than two years.

In winter, the power company should pay more attention for the DC system testing, DC system insulation aging can cause the ground battery connection point freezing and led to circuit breaker etc?? In order to fully implement the winter electricity safety work deployment, to ensure the stable operation of power grid and winter safety power supply, companies should carry out safety inspection work in winter?

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