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Battery Monitoring Module(BMM)

Battery Monitoring Module(BMM)

The GOLD-Battery Monitoring Module is a set of comprehensive battery pack online monitoring equipment integrated by real-time battery voltage monitoring, internal resistance online testing and battery voltage discreteness analysis, at the same time can match battery pack performance analysis software, based on the patent technology of battery pack voltage discreteness analysis, to judge the battery performance trend and  calculate actual capacity of the battery, also to provides an effective means for remote battery monitoring and maintenance and query analysis.

Applications of Battery Monitoring Module :


DC Power supply

IDC date center

UPS and more……

Battery Monitoring Module(BMM)

Features of Battery Monitoring Module :

Meets all IEEE and NERC maintenance recommendations for stationary battery system;

With LCD display function, can display cell voltage, temperature, current, terminal voltage, cell internal resistance, SOC? Also have local key operating function;

Has local storage function, support MagicExport by USB;

Can estimate the performance and situation of the cell battery, export the remaining capacity of battery SOC and health state SOH;

Monitor and measure voltage, current and temperature of all cells during charging and discharging in real-time;

Automatically test the data online for internal resistance of each cell;

Advanced method of four-wire system internal resistance test, can avoid measurement error effectively due to the pressure drop caused by battery connection;

Balance maintenance automatically on-line, improve the consistency of the battery performance;

Alarm at any time, can implement the transfinite alarm of voltage, temperature, internal resistance;

Through serial port can achieve the remote computer alarm, display the content of alarm and generate record of alarm automatically;

Adopt modular design, installation, usage and maintenance are convenient, and there are estrangement between modules, reliability is high;

Specifications of Battery Monitoring Module :

Function Description Battery monitoring system series function satisf item
-B -S -A -D -F
1 Online-auto monitoring each cell voltage, cell terminal voltage / current, maximum cell number that each module monitor includes 20, 24, 27, 32, 54 (only BMM-B) .
2 Online monitoring battery temperature, can support the sample temperature and each cell temperature
3 With RS485, RS232, CAN communication interface; realize data and alarm information are sent up ,to the purpose of remote monitoring battery
4 Based on the serial port configuration tool to set BMM parameters
5 Real-time alarm function, to achieve voltage, temperature alarm; The on-site alarm, stem node output closed
6 Real-time alarm function, the internal resistance alarm
7 Using four-wire automatic monitoring cell resistance , acquisition period can be set; classification preservation of internal resistance data in different conditions , or to support automatic recognition
8 The two-wire line automatic monitoring cell battery voltage .Acquisition period can do automatic identification according to the status of battery pack; support real-time monitoring and display of resistance / connect bar pressure drop
9 With the local data storage function, support USB data export
10 LCD displays the real-time monitoring data, can display the cell voltage, temperature, current, terminal voltage, internal resistance, connect bar resistance etc.
11 According to the battery intelligent analysis model, realize the real-time diagnosis of SOC, SOH; LCD real-time display; judge the battery performance trend
12 Automatic or manual to realize the battery voltage balance maintenance, on-line balancing on the battery maintenance and activation, delaying the battery failure
13 Support serial port upgrade,can do remote upgrade
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