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Energy Storage Group Control Unit(ESGU)

Energy Storage Group Control Unit(ESGU)

Function Description of Energy Storage Group Control Unit(ESGU):

System power-up self-test, including all sensors,system status,etc.

Many kinds of parameters can be detected, such as the battery pack voltage, current, temperature, and so on.

Test insulation from battery positive and negative to the chassis?

Control main contactors and detect main contactor’s feedback signal?

Alarm under exception and protect and control hard contract.

CAN and RS485 bus communicate?

Energy Storage Group Control Unit(ESGU)

Technical parameters of Energy Storage Group Control Unit(ESGU) :

Voltage acquisition Voltage detection range <1000V
Voltage detection precision ± 0?2% (ambient temperature 0 ~ 50 ℃,  lower than 0 ℃,  accuracy within ± 0?5%)
Voltage acquisition period 200ms
Current acquisition Current detection range According to shunt(e.g. 150A/75mV models)
Current detection precision ≤±0?5%(Full scale)
Current acquisition period 100ms
Temperature acquisition Temperature measurement  accuracy ±0?5℃
Temperature measurement period 1s
Insulation resistance  acquisition Insulation resistance  measurement accuracy ±5%
Insulation resistance  measurement period 2s
Communication interface RS485*2 ,CAN*1
ESGU power supply 12VDC, isolation from the battery pack
ESGU power consumption <10W
Dimensions 270×124×40(mm)/3kg
Installation Wall mounting type
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