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Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

GOLD-Battery Monitoring System is based on the cell voltage and the internal resistance, electric resistance, terminal voltage, battery pack voltage, battery pack current and battery pack environment temperature as the main monitoring parameters, have real-time monitoring for the battery performance and state, and analyses the development trend of battery performance, making a judgment for the service life of the battery. The system can track the battery performance balance, when finding the battery performance deteriorated, the system will alarm immediately, providing the battery pack "fine" maintenance basis.

Applications of Battery Monitoring System:


DC Power supply

IDC date center

UPS and more……

Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

Features of Battery Monitoring System:

Battery Monitoring System (BMS) is a product of integration of various technologies in battery measurement, electronics, computer control etc. It has the following features:

System components: monitoring host, battery monitoring modules, dynamic discharge modules, servers (network version);

Online automatically monitoring cell voltage and internal resistance, terminal voltage, charge &discharge current and temperature of battery pack. data acquisition. Data acquisition is fast and accurate;

Discharge protection: the equipment will stop discharging automatically in the situations when the cell voltage falling below set value, the discharge time or capacity has reach the set value, or AC power outage etc?

Various faults alarm function: voltage, discharge time, temperature, voltage deviation are over limit etc. The alarm threshold value can be set by user;

System has self-check function. When there are problems with the system, other than triggering a fault alarm signal, it will not affect the normal operation of the DC system, ensuring its reliability;

Easy installation, debugging and maintenance. Various monitoring modules adopt the isolation technology that ensures high safety and reliability;

Multiple communication methods: LAN, RS232, RS485 etc. Suitable for different communication requirements of different systems.

Specifications of of Battery Monitoring System:

supply DC 220V/110V/48V
Static discharge current 5 A~30 A (DC panel)
10 A~50 A (110V DC panel)
Voltage detection precision ±0.2%
Current detection precision ±1%
Temperature detection precision ± 0.5?C
Resistance measurement accuracy ±(2.5%+25μΩ)
Data recording interval 15s (Online operation monitoring/Static discharge test)
Internal resistance testing inspection interval 30s(can set)
The output contacts 2 Dry contacts
Query method On-site display board query, remote computer query
Control method Microcomputer automatic control, also manual control or remote computer control
Insulation resistance 500MΩ  1000VDC
The power frequency withstand voltage 2000VAC
Communication method LAN, RS232, RS485, MODEM
Communication protocol CDT, POLLING or MODBUS etc
Ambient temperature -10?C ~ +40?C
Relative humidity < 85%
Ambient magnetic field < 400A/m
Host dimension 290×81×130 mm
Battery monitoring module dimension 483×252×44mm
Discharge module dimension 510×408×156mm
Main monitoring weight 2?3kg
Battery monitoring module weight 2?5kg
Discharge module weight 10kg
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