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Battery Load Tester

Battery Load Tester

Introduction of Battery Load Tester:

According to the need, GOLD-Battery Load Tester can increase the wireness cell voltage monitoring function(type P) or match with the wireless battery test system, realize the monitoring of the cell voltage, and control the equipments automatically.

Load device can also be used in conjunction with the company's production of intelligent battery monitoring system. At the time of discharge, monitoring system will monitor the changes of each battery voltage, if any battery voltage is lower than the set value or the AC power cut, the system will control the load tester to stop discharging, and record and display data.

The device has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy use, safe and reliable, high precision of constant current, and can be widely used in occasion that  need to have constant current load test for battery pack or power.

Applications of Battery Load Tester:


DC Power supply

IDC date center

UPS and more……

Battery Load Tester

Features of Battery Load Tester:

Patent technology of constant-current discharge (patent number: ZL00 247358?5), current is continuous and adjustable;

Can extend number of constant-current load module flexibly, satisfy a larger requirements of discharge current;

The machine will stop discharge automatically when voltage, discharging time, and battery capacity reach their limit.

During the process of discharge, can display and save all curves and data automatically. Save data automatically when outage.

With communication interface of USB, RS232, RS485, support u-disk dump data?

It can protect itself in trouble, also safe, small, light, easy and convenient?

Comprehensive computer management analysis, during the process of charging and discharging displaying all data and curves in real time, can query all charging and discharging data at any moment in time, and automatically generate report.

Technical parameters of Battery Load Tester:

Specification FZY-48 FZY-110 FZY-220 FZY-G
Suitable For Battery(V) 40-60 90-145 170-275 300-440 440-630
Discharge Current(A) 20-100/150/200/300 10-40/80/120/200 5-20/40/60/100 3-30 3-20
Constant-current Precision 1%
Voltage Precision 0.5%
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