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Wireless Battery Monitoring System(WBMS)

Wireless Battery Monitoring System(WBMS)

No matter in the power substation, telecommunications or in the UPS system, the battery as spare power supply plays a very important role in the system. According to the needs of the market, after years of development, with unique patented technology (Patent No.:GLEMO080802506RFV), our company successfully developed the GOLD-Wireless Battery Monitoring System. The system consists of the wireless battery voltage acquisition module "wireless module" for short, wireless battery test system repeater( "repeater" for short ) and computer, if need  to connect discharge load in external, you can match intelligent battery load tester produced by our company to compose discharge test system .

Applications of Wireless Battery Monitoring System:


DC Power supply

IDC date center

UPS and more……

Wireless Battery Monitoring System(WBMS)

Features of Wireless Battery Monitoring System:

Meets all IEEE and NERC maintenance recommendations for stationary battery system;

Monitor and measure voltage, current and temperature of all cells during charging and discharging in real-time;

Compatible for cells of 2V,6V,12V;

Have advantages of high data acquisition precision, low power consumption, small size, light weight, convenient to use, safe and reliable;

Able to measure 4 groups of battery banks, and monitor and measure up to 400 cells simultaneously;

Various intelligent interfaces, such as USB,RS232, RS485;

Overcome the serious defects that poor precision ,low reliability, complex operation ,easy damage in wire acquisition methods;

The equipment has a strong capacity of resisting disturbance, can automatically filter wave interference that coming from UPS power supply or DC power supply;

Comprehensive computer management analysis ,during the process of charging and discharging displaying all data and curves in real time, can query all charging and discharging data at any moment in time ,and automatically generate report;

Can use with Battery load tester or other discharge load produced by our company, also can be used alone, monitor and measure battery charging and discharging condition.

Specifications of Wireless Battery Monitoring System:

Wireless module power supply supplied by cell battery
Wireless module power consumption <120mW
Data download speed 100ms/point
No. of battery packs monitored 1~4
No? of batteries monitored) 400 cells
Wireless module specifications 1?5V~16?0V
Voltage monitoring precision ±0.2%
Current monitoring range 0~3000A × 4 packs
Current monitoring precision ±1%
Temperature monitoring range -25°C ~ +75°C × 4 packs
Temperature monitoring precision ± 0?5°C
Communication interface USB ,RS232, RS485
Suitable operating system Win XP、Win7
Working frequencies 433?92MHz/434?33MHz
Modulation system FSK
Transmissive power < +10mW
Receiving sensitivity -105dB
CE-making: EMC Directive no. 89/336/CEE, modified by the directive 92/31/CEE
LVD Directive no? 73/23/CEE, modified by the directive 93/68/CEE
Safety standard EN61010-1
Ambient temperature -10°C ~ +65°C
Relative humidity < 85%
Ambient magnetic field 150A/m
External dimension (mm) Wireless module: 71×52×22.5
Repeater: 159×100×28?5
Weight Wireless module:  64g
Repeater:  350g
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