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Initiative Balance Battery Management Module

Initiative Balance Battery Management Module

Initiative Balance Battery Management Module main function

Support cell voltage and temperature detection

Support cell SOC calculation

Support CAN communication with EVBCM etc?

Support heat management

Support power on self test

Adopt the nondestructive active balance function,support parallel balance for cell battery , and the balance energy of cell battery can be measured .

In the case of faults, vehicle and battery safety operation strategy;

Support module over temperature, power supply input reverse connection, under-voltage, over-current protection;

Support the battery cable reverse connection, leek protection function;

Support low power consumption mode in power down ;

Support remote upgrade and maintenance function.

Initiative Balance Battery Management Module technical parameters

Working voltage 9~30Vdc(Compatible with 12V/24V vehicle power supply)
Cell voltage acquisition range 1?5~4?5V
Cell voltage acquisition accuracy ±(0?1%FS+0?1%RD)
Terminal voltage acquisition range 0~700V
Terminal voltage acquisition accuracy ≤±(0?2%FS+0?2%RD)
Current acquisition (sensor) range ±2000A(Maximum)
Current acquisition (sensor) accuracy ≤±(0?5%FS+0?5%RD)
Temperature acquisition accuracy ≤±1℃
SOC estimation accuracy ≤5%
SOH estimation accuracy ≤8%
Initiative balance function balance current accuracy±(2A±10%)
Data acquisition period 10ms
Operating temperature -20℃~65℃
The maximum relative humidity ≤95%
Volume 12series-160*105*28?4(mm),24series-180*105*35?2(mm),32series-210*105*32?5(mm)
Weight 12series-597(g),24series-1095(g),32series-1277(g)

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