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Distributed battery management module - EVDBM-0812

Distributed battery management module - EVDBM-0812

Product introduction:

EVDBM-0812 is a distributed battery management module used in power battery standard module application. EVDBM - 0812 provides monomer battery voltage and temperature real-time monitoring function, monomer battery SOC/SOH estimation function, and CAN through CAN bus and the main control unit (EVBCM) has a high degree of flexibility distributed battery management system (EVBMS).

Product functions:

Support 12V/24V power supply, maximum power consumption 0.4 W;

The maximum of 8 battery voltage monitoring is supported.

Up to 6 NTC temperature monitoring is supported.

The passive equilibrium method is supported and the equilibrium current is about 100mA.

Support 1 CAN communication and 1 UART communication;

Support data analysis function: single SOC, SOH estimation, etc.

Support for Bootloader upgrade: the firmware upgrade CAN be done online via CAN bus.

Support data storage:

Parameter configuration, including battery manufacturer and date of use;

Battery pack size, including serial number, type, capacity, battery module serial number, BMS serial number, BMS version number and address;

The operation state data of the battery module, including the accumulative charge and discharge capacity, the number of charge and discharge cycles;

The failure information of the battery module includes overcharge, over-discharge, overtemperature and overflow times;

Single battery current SOC, SOH.

Product features:

Through BCI, transient conduction immunity, radiation immunity, static electricity, pressure and other car grade EMC test, meet the ISO7637 related test requirements;

Distributed design makes it possible to standardize the design of battery module, greatly reducing the cost of wire harness and facilitating standardization of production.

Distributed design, integrated intelligent battery module makes the ladder use greatly convenient, no need to repeat group and reinstall BMS;

Light weight and small volume release the battery box space, which can reduce the overall weight of the battery box.

Scope of application: EVDBM-0812 is applicable to the standard battery pack module of power battery and energy storage battery.

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