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Distributed current collection module -EVCSM-5110/5120

Distributed current collection module -EVCSM-5110/5120

The EVCSM-5110 and EVCSM-5120 are the current collection modules applicable to the power battery standard module? EVCSM-5110 is based on the integrated current acquisition module based on shunt, and EVCSM-5120 is an integrated current acquisition module based on hall devices? Both CAN transmit the current information of the power battery pack to the main control module (EVBCM) through CAN bus to make a highly flexible distributed battery management system (EVBMS)?

Product functions:

Support 12V/24V power supply, maximum power consumption about 0.4W;

Support 1 CAN communication;

Support high-precision current acquisition and accumulative power calculation;

Stable and reliable products with high flexibility.

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