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High pressure control module - EVHCM-8004

High pressure control module - EVHCM-8004


Product introduction:

EVHCM-8004 is a high voltage control module applicable to lithium battery management system. As the function extension module of the main control module (EVBCM), this module implements more complex detection management functions with the main control module. The module has the function of 4-channel terminal voltage collection, which can realize multi-path relay fault detection, and has functions such as multi-path NTC temperature detection and electronic lock control. The product adopts the mature and reliable design scheme, which conforms to the operation requirements of the whole vehicle, and can guarantee the efficient, reliable and safe operation of electric vehicles.

Product functions:

It supports the detection of the end voltage of the 4-way group, and determines the fault state of the relay by accurately measuring the voltage between the total positive and total negative of the battery pack by high precision voltage measuring chip. Effectively avoid failure and safety problems caused by the adhesion of relay, and support 5 relay state detection by using with the main control module (EVBCM).

Support four-way NTC temperature acquisition, electronic lock control, accord with GBT 20234-20234 the electric conduction charging with connection and GBT 27930-2015 "electric car charger and battery management system of vehicle transmission type communication protocol between" and other standards;

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through the CAN bus online. High pressure control module - EVHCM-8004

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