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Passive equalization is from the control module - EVBMM-1212, 2412, 1612, 3212, 4812, 6412

Passive equalization is from the control module - EVBMM-1212, 2412, 1612, 3212, 4812, 6412


Product introduction:

The passive equalization is applied to the management of lithium battery management of 12/24/16/2/32/48/64, and the integrated passive equalization function is applied in the control module (evbmm-1212, 2412, 1612, 3212, 4812, 6412) respectively. The module has real-time monitoring function of single battery voltage and temperature, with functions of thermal management control at the same time, through CAN bus with the master control module (EVBCM) with high flexibility of power battery management system (EVBMS).

Product functions:

Supports 12/24/16/32/48/64 battery voltage monitoring;

Support 4-16 NTC temperature monitoring;

Support 1 CAN communication;

Support 2 relay control (DO), 1 channel digital signal input detection (DI);

The passive equilibrium is supported and the energy consumption equalization technology is adopted, and the electric discharge equilibrium of multiple cell batteries in the battery pack can be carried out at the same time, the equilibrium current is 100mA, and the equilibrium energy of the monomer cell can be measured.

Support thermal management, can conduct the active cold and heat management of the battery according to the battery temperature state, realize the temperature control of cooling or heating, and extend the life of the battery pack.

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through CAN bus online;

The low power consumption mode is supported and the latent current can be reduced to 10uA or lower in low power mode.

Product features:

Through BCI, transient conduction immunity, radiation immunity, static electricity, pressure and other car grade EMC test, meet the ISO7637 related test requirements;

Adopting mature integration scheme, small size, light weight and flexible application.

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