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Battery management control module - EVBCM-8133

Battery management control module - EVBCM-8133


Product introduction:

Evbcm-8133 is a main control module for power lithium battery management. The module for real-time monitoring of the power battery system, fault diagnosis, the SOC/SOH estimation, insulation detection, display alarm, remote monitoring, and other functions, through CAN bus and the vehicle integration control unit VCU, charging equipment, from the control equipment of information interaction, ensure efficient, reliable and safe operation of the power battery system.

Product functions:

Support 12V/24V power supply requirements, meet low power consumption requirements, support CC/CC2/ ON, etc.

Support 8 relay control (DO), 5 digital signal input detection (DI);

Support 3 CAN communication, support 1 RS485 communication, 4 NTC temperature monitoring;

Support the battery status data processing, CAN summarize the real-time data information of the battery, realize the management and control of power battery;

Support group terminal voltage detection, through the isolation collection processing of the group terminal voltage (sampling range 0~ 800V), the real-time detection of the terminal voltage of the group is realized;

Support group - end current detection to support real-time detection of current by hall sensor or shunt.

Support SOC/SOH to estimate the high accuracy of SOC and SOH of monomer battery and battery pack.

Support the latest charging state interface and charging protocol;

Support the thermal management function, can according to the battery temperature state, the battery pack carries on the active cold and heat management, realizes the temperature control function that cools or heats up, extends the battery pack service life;

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through CAN bus online;

Support for fault detection, can alarm the valve values of voltage, current, temperature, SOC and SOH, and support the circuit cutting protection function of the limit alarm valve value;

Support the data storage, support the system to run the data storage and power storage.

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