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16S battery management from control module - evbmm-1622

16S battery management from control module - evbmm-1622

电池管理从控模块- EVBMM-1622

Product introduction:

Evbmm-1622 is a control module for 16-series lead-acid battery management and integrated active balancing function. The module has 16 series of single battery voltage and temperature of the real-time monitoring function, with functions of thermal management and two-way active balance at the same time, through CAN bus with the master control module (EVBCM) with high flexibility of power battery management system (EVBMS).

Product functions:

Support 16 monomer battery voltage monitoring;

Support 16 NTC temperature monitoring;

Support 2 relay control (DO), 4 digital signal input detection (DI);

Support 1 road CAN communication, support 1 road RS485 communication;

Support the active balancing function, the battery pack can be charged evenly with any single cell, the equilibrium current 2A;

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through CAN bus online;

The low power consumption mode is supported and the latent current can be reduced to 10uA or lower in low-power mode.

IP protection level: IP67.

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