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10S battery management from control module - EVBMM-1022

10S battery management from control module - EVBMM-1022


Product introduction:

Evibmm-1022 is a one-piece battery management module for lead-acid battery management and integrated active balancing function. The module has the function of real-time data monitoring, SOC estimation and charging and discharge control of monomer battery voltage and temperature, which can be applied to micro electric vehicles.

Product functions:

Support range of power supply of 9~ 16V;

Support 10 monomer battery voltage monitoring, support 10 NTC temperature monitoring;

Support 1 road CAN communication, support 1 road RS485 communication;

In this paper, the current real-time monitoring of the support group is carried out, and the current is isolated and collected by the shunt scheme.

Support SOC/SOH estimation, effective management of SOC and SOH of monomer battery and battery pack;

Support the active balancing function, the battery pack can be charged evenly with any single cell, the equilibrium current 2A;

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through CAN bus online; Under low power mode, the latent current can be reduced to below 10uA.

The fault detection can be supported according to the voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH and so on.

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