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48S battery management system - EVIBMM-4812

48S battery management system - EVIBMM-4812


Product introduction:

Evibmm-4812 is an integrated one-piece battery management module which is suitable for the management of 48-series lithium battery management, integrated passive equalization and master control functions. This module have monomer battery voltage and temperature of the real-time monitoring function, fault diagnosis with the battery, the SOC/SOH estimation, insulation detection, display alarm, remote monitoring, and other functions, through CAN bus and the vehicle integration control unit VCU, charging machine equipment such as interactive information.

Product functions:

Support 12V/24V power supply requirement, meet low power consumption requirement, support ON signal, charging signal, etc.

Support 6 relay control (DO), 3 rd digital signal input detection (DI);

Support 2 CAN communication, support 1 road RS485 communication;

Support the voltage monitoring of 48 monomer batteries, and support the temperature monitoring of the 12-channel NTC;

Support passive equilibrium, equilibrium current about 100mA;

Equipped with the function of group terminal voltage and current detection (hall/shunt), group voltage collection range of 0~ 400V;

Support SOC/SOH estimation, effective management of SOC and SOH of monomer battery and battery pack;

Support the temperature collection of rechargeable gun, support the 2015 version of the charging state standard interface and protocol;

Support for Bootloader upgrade, CAN be upgraded through CAN bus online;

The fault detection can be supported according to the voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH and so on.

Support the data storage, support the system to run the data storage and power storage.

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