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Low speed lithium electric management system - evibmm-2412, 3212

Low speed lithium electric management system - evibmm-2412, 3212

Product introduction:

Evibmm-2412/3212 is an integrated battery management module for lithium battery management and integrated passive equalization. The module with monomer battery voltage and temperature of the real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis, the SOC/SOH estimation, and other functions, through CAN bus and the vehicle integration control unit VCU, meter, charging machine and other equipment information interaction, integration of the whole module adopts integrated design, meet the requirements of the electric car test standard, mature, reliable, secure the electric car is efficient, reliable, and safe operation.

Product functions:

Support the data storage function to support the local storage and power saving of the system running data;

The mode of power consumption is less than 2mA when the module is automatically entered into the shutdown power consumption mode without the wake signal.

Support vehicle ON signal, CHG+ signal wake, charging CC, CC2 signal wake-up function;

The passive equilibrium is supported and the energy consumption equalization technology is adopted, and the electric discharge equilibrium of multiple cell batteries in the battery pack can be carried out at the same time, the equilibrium current is 100mA, and the equilibrium energy of the monomer cell can be measured.

Support 1 road CAN communication and RS485 communication.

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